The Rettung is coming bald!

Stay home but go to the Wald, aber not zu viel because you are only a good Bürger when you stay home! And everyone wants to be a nice guy im Einheitsbrei.

And the horrible Angst is killing uns alle weil the virus is everywhere. And hör bloß auf with the children. We must stop them and tell them when „du brav die rules“ befolgst, wird alles again good. But they want to play, meeting other Kinder, am besten noch with overnighting. No. No, no! Wear masks in the Unterricht, come home and play gefälligst PlayStation! BUT NO MOVEMENT! Too much danger for flying Corona.

Next to the children we have the nervigen Künstler with all the Kindergartenproblems. Uhhhh, I cannot sing anymore, my Kapelle is pleite. My god, go to Aldi and work at the Kasse.

„Hey, what about us?“, asks me the Kneipenbesitzer. Sorry, I think, who wants to go denn noch for a beer outside? We can overdrink us at home. There we can drink more for less against our Depressionen.

But no fear, the Rettung is coming with the Impfstoff everyone is waiting for! You can choose like at a candyshop.

  1. -70 Grad vaccine for degeneration your cells, deadly but wirkungsvoll.
  2. A Mischimaschi Cocktail with Wirkung from over 90 %! Maybe, sometimes, I don’t know.
  3. forgotten but also very wirksam.

And then we can start our normal life wieder. Maybe end of next year because we are weiter ansteckend. But come one!!! Keept euch mal together! Other people are viel schlechter dran! Yes, you‘re right but when do you think so before Corona?

Good night and let your eyes wide shut!

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