Allgemein, Alltagstauglich

Good old times…

When I am going durch the city the last days, I was kind of nostalgisch. The streets are full with kids and teens with little Bildschirmen in front of them. Tipping, mailing, whatts apping, spieling, twittering, facebooking, no unterhalting. I don´t want to copy my Oma with the Spruch „Früher war alles besser!“, but sometimes…..

Thinking about my Kindheit. With no I-Phones, Androids and Laptops. Think about my son when I starting wegnehming his Elektro stuff. He looks like someone who verloring a loved one, air-klicking with his Daumen.

Think about my Schulzeit. We spend our Pausen with Gummitwisthüpfing with kind of Schlüpfergummi. Talking about Jungs, lästering and flirting for real, with real Berühring and real Angrinsing. You could hear the LOL! Laut! In to the face!

And we was Meister of Zettelschreibing while teachers unterrichting. „Do you want to go with me? Cross. Yes, No, decision after knutsching.“ We played Käsekästchen and Schiffe versenken on Rechenpaper. And we had books. Books made of paper. Knistering, smelling and looking like books.

And what about music? I had tapes and starting Aufnehming from the radio. Waiting for my song, erwisching only the end with the dump Gelaber from the Moderator. And we must spuling. More spuling than hearing. First Plattenspieler with 14. First LP from Barry White. Long Play!!! It says alles!

And then? Then comes PacMan! And the first computer for playing. Commodore 64. Only one Kind in the Dorf had one. We are pilgering to him. Playing tennis with two Balken and a beweging point on the Bildschirm. And we loved it. Starting of Drogensumpf.

And today? Tipping on my Mac, whatts apping on my mobile, had a cloudplayer for my music and a Kindle which I cannot blättering.

I miss the good old times…….sometimes.

(c) Sunny Möller

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