Talk like the beak is grown at you!

I am abolutely umgehauen from the very very big Rückmeldungen about my perfect English. I thänk you so matsch but ich weiß. But it goes me schon under the skin. For me it is a perfect way and also for you that you know what I want to press out. An old lady wrote me, her English is under all pig, but at me she feels kompetent (in this fall not inkontinent)

It is pfanni and wirklich nobody check out my or your dismisseseseses. Everybody andaständ me, lacht with me and comes not very speakly inkontinent over. This gives you a very good Speakfeeling, you musst not nachdenken about grammar or is it the right way to answering (what a bekloppt word).

You can talk like the beak is grown at you. So feel free and go out and put your wonderful English in any direction. I will understand you! Everybody will understand you! And we can alle a very pfanni and entspannte community, where nobody feels sich outclosed when sein English ist not so perfect!

And at the end we have peace, joy and eggcakes! ❤

(c) Sunny Möller

11 Gedanken zu „Talk like the beak is grown at you!“

  1. It sounds totally normal. Have you ever gone for a longer Trainride in the first class cabins? There are a lot business caspers that talk exactly that way in there mobils – the whole day long 😉

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