Hello! I´m suching my Passwort!

Good morning oder near by guten Tag. I´m totally gestresst today because everytime I keep vergessing my passwords. Why? I think, I have round about mindestens 100 different passwords because of being very panisch about Datensecurity!!! What when plündering my Konto? Okay, not viel to plündern. But all my dates??? And it´s so schwierig to remember. You must put numbers, capital letters and some Sonderzeichen in it and zwischdurch they show you a Balken with „SAFE“ or „AREYOUBEKLOPPTWITHTHISKINDERGARTENPASSWORT“. At the end I have the perfect one:


But tell me, who can sich das merken? So I make Zettel and write it down. I hide it so good, that I never find it again. Forgetten your password? Create a new one. And then we have the never ending Hamster wheel. And here you can see at my writing that I become totally irre when it goes so on.

Do you have a Lösung for my problem?

© Sunny Möller