Xaver meets Deutsche Bahn

Caution!!! The train is not arriving. Mei, der Xaver legt eine ganze Nation lahm. Yesterday my mom told me, don´t make any Spaziergänge with the Kinder cause of flying Kühe and downfalling Äste right into the Gesicht. So I follow.

But today I need to go to Hamburg after saving my kids in the verbarrikadierte Wohnung. But Xaver was nice zu mir. Bis auf kind of windy horror snowflakes wich feels like Messerstiche im Gesicht, it was total okay. Heard, Christian was schlimmer! Can imagine, had an Ex-Freund called Christian, ähmm, okay, other story.

Now standing at Hannover Hauptbahnhof, waiting for my Anschlusszug. Listen to different Durchsagen from the female Roboterstimme.

„Your next Anschluss, ICE 561 to Berlin, Abfahrt 19.20 verspätet sich voraussichtlich about 348 minutes. You can get schneller there if you take the sofort fahring ICE in direction München. The train there goes pünktlich.“

Hätte sie die minutes in hours gesaid, it would be kind of charmanter. Aber anyway.

The Deutsche Bahn-Lady at my Gleis fängt an zu talken.

„At Gleis 7, Einfahrt ICE 974 nach Hamburg main station, Abfahrt 19.20 Uhr. Please don´t overstep the white line in front of dir, bevor the train is arriving. Otherwise it can happen that you will be totally zermatscht. Caution!!! The train is arriving!“

All the people formally known as passengers or umgekehrt steps a Schritt zurück. Not me. I am mutig. Sometimes sogar kind of querulanting. I stepped forward. My shoes tipped the line, tipp, tipp. Inside my head a voice starting summing. `Mitsche, matsche, patsche, mitsche, matsche, patsche´.

The train arrives without überrolling me. I am totally Adrenalin gekickt. Ein kleiner Schritt für mich a big step against the rules!

Now the Fahrt can start. I am ready. Ready for Xaver, ready for any kind of Springflut and ready for the Weltfrieden and ready for Hamburg. Cause from now on, I am a Overstepper!

© Sunny Möller