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The Frankfurter Buch Trade Fair made me totally kaputt!

Hey, ich war aufs äußerste prepared and in a very good Mut with Tausende von business cards for fishing some Komplimente and to angle a big fish with a Verlag or a manager. What should I sagen? There was not one holy shit soul hu was interested in my Stoff! Why? I am a komplette Beginnerin with null Knowledge about the Geschäft. I thought good looking, a little bit of nett and a good outspeaking can help to get Hilfe. The weekend is not the time for the Autoren hu wants to get irgendwas. I made a monkey from myself but it wasn´t alles schlimm!

We had has have had a ziemlich outstanding hotel and my friend and me became the best Rindersteak ever in the Welt. Perfect lecker! Und one of the best Erfahrungen on the Buchmesse were the special people da, called Cosplayer. They are walking all over the Platz and were the most fotografierte Leute on the Veranstaltung! Absolutely traffic, terrific, I mean selbstverständlich fabulös.

And at the Ende of the story I learned very much! Go not to Veranstaltungen where the Leute are very langsam in walking hope to get something umsonst, go on the right day and never never give up your dream to live for writing an verbessering my English! I think, it is a little bit gelungen. Thänk you for lesing!

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