Träwelling with Deutsche Bahn – reloaded

After a very exciting and almost sunny weekend at my Traumstadt I started to go back to my derzeitiger Wohnort, cause I am too knapp bei Kasse now to live in Hamburg. But I will come wieder when I am ready with my personal Krisengebiet.

Enjoying a pleseant evening at the Baumwoll-Taverne with great musischns, I stand noch a little müde at Hamburg central station waiting for the Fernverkehr. Platform 14. Same procedure like every weekend. A crowded Haufen of people with aggressive Fratzen to be the first at the incoming train.

First Durchsage of the day. „Ladies and Dschentlmän, the ICE 432189065535 from Hamburg to Stuttgart ist about 30 minutes too late. Today it drives from platform 13 in umgekehrter Wagenreihung.“

180 Grad circle of 25000 passengers with or without Darmproblemen. Militant stepps to the white line you are not allowed to overcross. Verunsicherung about the switched Wagenreihung. I am happy about having no Platzreservierung.

Waiting and listening.

An old couple from Middledeutschland is talking about Erlebtes.

„Also nein Erwin, wat war das herrlich bei de Taaazzaaan. Und die Plätze, Erwin! Fast vorne inne Bühne Erwin, woll?“

„Ja, Ulle! Hasse recht.“

„Und der Peter Hofmann hat mia alße Taaazzaaan genauso gut gefallen, wie in Pfantomm off se Operraa! Woll, Erwin?“

„Dat wa der Klaffs, der Hoffmann is tot!“

„Der is tot? Stand nix inna ´Frau im Spiegel´! Ts ts ts. Un wer is der Klaffs?“

„Na vonne Subbastaaß, mitte Bohln!“

„Ach der! Is der nich mit der Helene Fischer lieiat? Aussm Osten?“

„Nee Ulle, das is die vom Silbanagel!“

„Ach ja, der Flori! Ganz ein stattlicher, woll Erwin?“

I´m blending aus. Just behind me a little Racker, formally known as Arschlochkind is treting in my Hacken. Ever and ever again. It hurts furchtbar. Seniles smiling from the mother.

„Sie wissen ja wie Kinder sind! Sie müssen ihre Erfahrungen machen!“

Sure? Okay. I am in the front row to give Entwicklungshilfe. What about schubsing your Prekillerchild over the white line to learn counting the Gleise? Fun like having a Überraschungsei. Spiel, Spaß und Schokolade, okay the chocolate is missing. I would never do that but do you know this kind of children? You can see it in their eyes! Vorne hole, hinten ass.

But I am nett. I´m changing the place.

Next to me some freshlovers knutsching before Trenning. I am totally beeindruckt from the tounge of the male Knutscher. Very long! Very, very long. You can see the poor female Knutschpartner with ausgebeulte cheeks and nach Luft schnapping. Bet see the tounge Spitze coming out of her ear…..uuuääähhh!

Kraxing out of the boxes. Second Durchsage.

„Caution!!! The train is arriving!“

Think I take a seat on the floor! Sometimes you can better see from unten nach oben….

© Sunny Möller

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